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At EnGAYged Weddings we know that we would not have a business without our amazing couples. We would like to invite you to join us! If you are truly interested in providing exceptional wedding services and wedding products to them then we would love to include your business on the EnGAYged Weddings Directory!


The only requirement that we have is that you believe that marriage equality is a fundamental right for all couples and families! We speak to our Wedding Vendors before we list them, so expect a phone call if you decide to join us. We promise that the phone call will be painless and focused on getting to know your business so that we can best promote your wedding services and products to the LGBT community.

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EnGAYged Weddings Advertising Information:

Payment Options for Advertising on

After you complete and submit an on-line sign-up form you will have the following payment options:

  • Proceed to the Payment Gateway and pay by PayPal, PayPal Bill Me Later, VISA, MC, Discover, AMEX, or electronic check
  • Call us to pay by debit or credit card over the phone (1-855-IDO-LGBT / 1-855-436-5428 / 561-929-9929)
  • Contact Us to Request that we e-mail you an invoice so that you can pay by check or money order
  • Contact Us to Request that we call you to discuss your order details
  • Contact Us to Request that we set up a Payment Plan for you via PayPal (additional PayPal fees apply) 

Featured Listing with e-Brochure Page - $299 USD/ 1 Year

Includes one wedding service category and one state or one region

  • $99 each for additional wedding service categories, states or regions


Your brochure page will be built by our diverse team of talented and experienced marketing, graphic, web and SEO professionals committed to the success of every advertiser on the EnGAYged Weddings Directory. We will use a combination of your resources - your sign-up form, your business website and your business social media accounts as well as any text or images that you submit to us.


  • Featured Listings are Listed above Basic Listings
  • Your position in the directory will be locked for as long as you continue to advertise with EnGAYged Weddings
  • Includes a Premium e-Brochure Page (Samples are below)
  • Your business will be featured on your primary state and category pages
  • Advertising Subscriptions are for one year (12 months) - a one time charge of $299 USD


View a Sample Brochure Page with our new design!

Advertisers who renew their existing listing or sign up for a new listing will receive the new design!


Banner Advertising - Requires Purchase of Featured Listing

Either you can provide us with your banner or our graphic designers can create one for you. If you chose to submit your own banner the dimensions are 1000 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. Your banner will be linked to your brochure page advertisement on the EnGAYged Weddings Directory.


View Banner Samples


  • State Page Banner - Rotates on top of State page - Banner $599 USD/ 1 year
  • Region Page Banner - Rotates on top of Region page - Banner $399 USD/ 1 year. Please note: Region banners are only available in California, Florida, New York, Illinois, Hawaii, Texas and New Jersey
  • Category Page Banner - Rotates on top of Category page - Banner $299 USD/ 1 year

Comparison - Featured Versus Basic Listing

Comparison of Your Advertising Options , Prices & Directory Position


Featured Listing

Basic Listing

Price for full 1 Year Listing (One-Time Charge/ 12 Month Subscription)



Your Relative Position in the Directory

Listed Before Basic

Listed After Featured

Your Directory Position (Whether you can be bumped down further in directory)


Not Locked

Your Business Featured on Your Primary State Directory Page



Your Business Featured on Your Wedding Service Category Page(s)



Your Business Featured on Your Region Page(s)



Premium e-Brochure Page



Search Engine Optimization (Google/ Yahoo/ Bing)



Business Text Description

10,000 Characters

450 Characters

Images/ Photos

Up to 14 Images


Hyperlinks to Your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, etc.)

Up to 6 Social Media


Interactive Google Map (Street Address or Regional)



e-mail address

Included - Cloaked


Business Phone Number



Hyperlink to Your Website Home Page



Each Additional Wedding Service Category Listing (Optional)



Each Additional State/ Region Listing (Optional)



Banner Advertising on Top of Category Page Linked to Your Brochure (Optional)


Not an Option

Banner Advertising on Top of Region Page Linked to Your Brochure (Optional)


Not an Option

Banner Advertising on Top of State Page Linked to Your Brochure (Optional)


Not an Option

Basic Listing - $99 USD/ 1 Year

You will write and submit your listing through our on-line sign-up form - 450 characters of descriptive text for your basic listing.


  • Basic listings are listed below Featured Listings on both the Wedding Service Category Pages and the Region Pages
  • Your position in the directory is NOT locked
  • Your listing Does NOT include a Featured e-Brochure Page
  • Your logo will NOT appear in the featured scroll on your State, Category or Region Pages
  • Advertising Subscriptions are for one year (12 months) - a one time charge of $99 USD


On-Line Sign Up Forms for Advertising


Sign-Up Forms - Featured Listing

Sign-Up Forms - Basic Listing

United States LGBT Wedding Advertising

United States Featured Sign-Up Form

United States Basic Sign-Up Form

United Kingdom LGBT Wedding Advertising

United Kingdom Featured Sign-Up Form

United Kingdom Basic Sign-Up Form

Canada LGBT Wedding Advertising

Canada Featured Sign-Up Form

Canada Basic Sign-Up Form

Mexico LGBT Wedding Advertising

Mexico Featured Sign-Up Form

Mexico Basic Sign-Up Form

France LGBT Wedding Advertising

France Featured Sign-Up Form

France Basic Sign-Up Form

engayged weddings phone number

EnGAYged Weddings Approved Wedding Vendor Badges

(Find More 2009 - 2021 Approved Vendor Badges) The below Approved Vendor Badges are for use ONLY by wedding vendors that are listed on the EnGAYged Weddings directory. (Please note that the words EnGAYged and EnGAYged Weddings are internationally registered trademarks which we do enforce.) To save a badge to your computer right click with your mouse over the badge then click save image as. Feel free to re-size for your purposes. If you need a logo for print or have questions please Contact Us and we'll be happy to help. A backlink to or to your advertisement on our directory is appreciated but not required.

EnGAYged Weddings LGBT Wedding Directory EnGAYged Weddings GLBT Wedding Directory EnGAYged Weddings LGBTQ Wedding Directory EnGAYged Weddings LGBTQIA Wedding Directory EnGAYged Weddings Gay Wedding Directory


Got Questions About Advertising with

  • Please Contact Us!
  • Our toll-free number: 1-855-IDO-LGBT (1-855-436-5428)
  • Our direct number: 1-561-929-9929

EnGAYged Weddings Advertising Terms:

Additional information on the below advertising terms can be found in our Terms of Use Agreement and our Privacy Policy.


  • We speak to all of our Vendor Members before we approve them for an Advertising Subscription
  • We reserve the right to refuse to approve any Advertising Subscription at our sole discretion
  • Custom built advertisements will not be created until payment has been received in full or a payment plan has been entered into by the Vendor Member through PayPal
  • Refunds will be issued back through the payment method used by the Vendor Member in the original transaction
  • The payment remitted covers the cost of creating your custom built listing and has nothing to do with the length of your Advertising Subscription term. A shorter Advertising Subscription term does not equate to a lower price because it will take us the same amount of time and effort to build your custom listing.
  • Advertising Subscriptions may not be cancelled for a refund after the listing has been started. Advertising Subscriptions are considered to be started once the Vendor Member's business name and contact information are visible on our Sites
  • Listings are not transferrable
  • We will make the following critical updates for free at any point during the Vendor Member's Advertising Subscription: Contact Name, Phone Number, email Address, Address, and Website Address ("Critical Information")
  • For the first 30 days that a Vendor Member's Advertising Subscription is live We will make any edits or updates requested by the Vendor Member
  • After a Vendor Member's Advertisement Subscription has been live for 30 days updates other than Critical Information will require additional fees

Who We Are was launched in 2009. At that time, only one U.S. State was legal for same-sex marriage and our full-time Staff consisted of 2 employees and 4 Cats. EnGAyged Weddings, Inc. left the umbrella of it's DBA and incorporated in 2011. The EnGayged Weddings Team presently consists of 9 employees - a diverse group of talented and experienced marketing, graphic, web, and SEO professionals committed to the success of every advertiser on the EnGAYged Weddings Directory. The EnGAYged Weddings Team consists of both LGBT-Community Members and LGBT-Allies. Six Cats are still around and overseeing things - bringing us to a total of 15 "employees".


The Founders of EnGAYged Weddings, Inc. started their first business as a small wedding entertainment company in the highly competitive tier one wedding market of South Florida - so we don't just sell wedding advertising - we actually understand what wedding professionals do for a living!


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